Boriyuan Ultra Slim PU Leather Case Auto Wake and Sleep Feature with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Pro 11 Inch Review

The Boriyuan Ultra Slim PU Case is compatible with the new iPad Pro, as well as most other models, and comes with a magnetic bluetooth detachable keyboard.

The magnetic detachable backlit keyboard lets you to choose your favourite colours in poor lighting conditions, and can be removed to work away from the case or on. Its keys are very nice to type on, and it’s easy to do no matter how many fingers you have, though there are times when it is too easy to press.

The Auto Sleep / Wake function means you can turn your iPad off by just flipping the case over, and wake it up just by opening it. This is meant to make the battery life on your iPad more durable – but I do feel like there is sometimes still times when my iPad doesn’t turn off as fast as I’d like it to.

The case protects your iPad from all directions, so it won’t break if you drop it, and it is free from scratches, dirt and stains. Made with a comfortable laptop-like design, it easily adjusts to whichever angle suits you best, for working, writing or watching videos.

It also lets you charge your Apple Pencil, but I don’t use one due to the amount of pressure it takes.

You can easily set up Sticky keys to work on your iPad. To do this you just go in to Settings, then Accessibility, Keyboard, Sticky keys, and turn it on. This means you won’t have to hold down more than one button at a time if you can’t do it.

The case comes in a brown box, and inside, you get a set up guide, along with other information. Under that you get your iPad case and the detachable keyboard, which you can set up by reading through the information included.

The battery on the keyboard lasts for a little over a month depending on how often you use it, but I’ve had no problems with it so far.

I got this case so I would have something to cover my iPad when taking it out, but also because I wanted one with a keyboard _ as I write a lot and wanted an option which wouldn’t mean I have to go on my Mac all the time _ but which was also affordable. One of my questions before buying was whether or not I could use it with Sticky Keys – as not knowing this answer a few years ago was what annoyed me about the Apple keyboard case. But from my first time trying it, I think both the case and the keyboard have a much nicer feel to them, and the included backlight makes it easy for me to use in darker places. The only thing I would like to be added in future updates is having the option of using the keyboard while it charges, but from the accessibility view, it is brilliant.

The Boriyuan Ultra Slim PU Leather Case with Detachable Keyboard can be bought on Amazon for £21.94.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

New iPad Pro 11-inch Review

The new iPad Pro is one of the newest editions of iPad, and has been sold as the best of iPads by far. Coming with a bigger screen, it’s also the first to lose the home button, and comes with Face ID _ which can be used in Portrait and Landscape. Many of the side buttons have been renamed, taken off and made smaller, and there is no headphone jack _ so you will have to use wireless headphones or EarPods. The internal microphone is now a whole lot louder, but with the bigger screen, this iPad has also got a lot more lighter.

The screen on this iPad is a Liquid Retina display from edge to edge, and has True-to-Life Colour and ProMotion technology _ making it feel more responsive.

An A12X Bionic Chip makes it incredibly smart, and perfect to use with AR and other types of immersive gaming. The Neural Engine runs 5 trillion operations per second, making it possible for you to even edit in Photoshop.

To get around the new iPad Pro you use the same gestures as we saw in the iPhone X series, and these can be changed in Settings if you can’t access all of them. If anyone’s reading this and can’t access all the gestures, you can see how to change it in my review of the iPhone X or in my tutorial on how to get more accessibility options.

It is also possible for you to record while scrolling through a script, or message while working on whatever, which you can do by sliding a second app on to the main app you have open.

If you have an Apple Pencil or are a fan of it, you can now charge it by attaching it magnetically to the side, and you can also get a folio smart keyboard case for whichever size of iPad you settle on. But I don’t have either the Apple Pencil or smart folio keyboard, instead choosing to settle on other types.

The charger for the new iPad Pro is USB-C, meaning you can plug it in to a digital camera, your phone, or anything else that also supports that type of connection.

The new iPad Pro has two cameras equipped with Smart HDR. These include a 12MP camera for stunning photos, 4K video, document scanning etc, and you also get a TrueDepth camera, Portrait Mode _ and access to FaceTime, Animoji, Memoji.

I got this iPad so I could do digital art easier, and to have other ways to photo edit. Like what I said about the iPhone X, the new iPad Pro was hard to get into (especially if you’re updating from the iPad Air) but since I got used to it and found out how to add accessibility shortcuts, I’ve loved everything about it. My only criticisms is how you have to use two fingers to zoom in to illustrations or turn them around, so I would like options for rotate and zoom to be added into the Accessibility settings.

The new iPad Pro can be bought with an 11 or 12.9 inch display, but what size you get makes no difference to how it works. At the time I got it, it cost between £769-£969, before you add in storage. Whether or not you should update depends on what you’ll be using it for, but if you’re not using it for creative reasons, or for other work, I would suggest you stick with a different model. The price might be different at different times in the year.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


HELLO EVERYONE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Tonight I am going to be daring a Halloween Special with a tutorial on how to edit in Final Cut Pro using your mouth. For those of you who don’t know, I was paralysed from the neck down 18 years ago, which is why I get my breath from a ventilator which breathes for me, and I do my work with a chopstick and stylus because my arms, hands, and legs don’t work.

Final Cut Pro is a video editing app for Mac, which can be used with both professional film editing and YouTube videos.

You can get FCP on the App Store, and after you buy it, you’ll be able to find it by searching for it on Spotlight, or in Launchpad or in your Application folder in Finder.

Step 1: Create new Library, Event or Project

Each video you make is called a project, and these will be stored in events in your Library. To create a new project, you just have to go to file, new _ and there you will find options for Library, Event or Project. If you click the Project option, the next page you will be taken to is a page where you can choose a project name, where you can also change your Resolution and Format, and anything else that make your video the best.

Step 2: Import Media

To get started creating your video, you will have to import media, which you can do by going to file, Import; or Import or using Command I. Media can be imported from nearly everywhere other than your photos, but once you get it, you just have to click Import Selected.

Step 3: Start Editing

Now that you’ve got all your media imported, you can start editing. There are many different ways to edit _ from selecting a clip or audio and dragging to trim it down, using the blade tool if you want to use one part but not all of it, or adding in text (FCP has lots of title formats to choose from) or adding sound effects or music.

The editing you’ll use depends largely on what type of film you’re making, and you won’t use all of them on one video.

To use Blade, you’ll use the Blade option you’ll find in the drop down menu, or by using B or Command B.

You can also record voiceovers by clicking Window, Record Voiceover then clicking on the red circle labelled Input Gain, or by using Command Option 8.

When you are finished, you can Share by going to File Share, and there you will have the option of sharing as a Master File, or to Apple Devices, or to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo etc. The one I use most often is MasterFile.

Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit, 6 in 1 Review

The Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit, 6 in 1, is _ as the title suggests _ a lens accessory kit for mobile phones _ and can be bought on Amazon for around £20.

It comes in a box with a photo lens in front and extra writing about how it works with iPhone and tablet _ with more on the back about how to set it up. Inside, you get the 6 camera lenses _ a 12x zoom telephoto lens, 235° fish eye lens, 20X Macrolens and Wide Angle Lens, Starburst lens and CPL Lens _ a holder for your phone, a tripod, and a case to carry it in (which also contains a carrier pocket).

Each camera lens allows you to get a different angle or effect with your photos: the Telephoto one delivering superior quality, the wide angle one working great with group photos, the Macro lens capturing amazing close-ups, the Fisheye being able to create funny circular pictures, and with the Starburst Lens being able to add a dramatic star flare to very bright area, and the CPL lens eliminating reflected light and creating beautiful colour.

It is compatible with the iPhone 5-x and Samsung LG-S6, but might also work with most other smartphones and tablets.

I bought this so I would be able to get more interesting photos, instead of just using the camera on my phone without a lens _ though depending on the mood of what kind of photo I want, it works fine. The camera lenses are easy to connect, reposition, and take off, and I practiced the fish eye lens by taking photos of my cat (Which can be seen Twitter: @Phoebslyle). My only bit of criticism is I’m not too sure how secure the tripod is, but all the camera lenses are brilliant.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gooseneck Phone Holder, Lamicall Phone Holder Review

The Gooseneck Phone Holder, Lamicall Phone Holder is a flexible arm for bed, but which can be used easily on any table surface as well. It has wide compatibility, and fits all 4-6.5 phones like the new iPhone 11 Pro and all the Xs, among others such as the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxies up from the S6+, Huawei, and can also hold the Nintendo Switch.

With a 850mm length flexible arm design to keep stability and make the Gooseneck Phone Holder easy to twist, its design ensures your phone will stay secure and not fall. It also has a 360 rotation clip, allowing you to rotate your phone in any angle you want, whether it be for watching a movie, or taking advantage of every camera angle.

The Gooseneck Phone Holder can be clipped in an angle that is comfortable for your eyes, and is fixed to your posture, without causing eye or neck strain.

I bought the Gooseneck Phone Holder, Lamicall Flexible Holder for Bed after deciding to send back the Alfort Selfie Stick which I explained in last weeks review, as an experiment to see if there would be any easier ways of taking photos by myself (I can’t use my hands and feet, so I get around my phone with a stylus in my mouth). It’s easy to clamp to all my tables, and I’ve been able to take photos very easily. The only bit of criticism I’d give is that there are times when I try to press my stylus to my iPhone X when it moves away from me, and I would like it if pictures of it being used were on the box, which I would be completely happy being in, instead of just a brown box with a sketch of it. But those are my only problems with it.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Alfort Selfie Stick Tripod, Extendable Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote Review

The Alfort Selfie Stick Tripod is an extendible selfie stick made in China, and comes with a Wireless remote which is compatible with most iOS and Android phones, as well as digital cameras, including Cannons and GoPros. It can fit into your bag and come with you everywhere, and is built of premium Aluminium, giving it a strong construction.

It comes in a box with pictures of itself and of people using it, and information including how to set it up, and comes with: the extendable selfie stick, a tripod, a holder for whichever phone or camera you’re using, and a Bluetooth remote. You also get your paperwork, including an owner’s manual, and your warranty.

I bought this at the beginning of September before I started at a leisure Photography course _ so I would be able to take pictures by myself. I’d looked at other products online, but settled on the Alfort because it sounded the best, and it was a price I could afford. But when it came, I was disappointed. There was no way for me to clamp it to any table for my wheelchair, and when I tried using the Bluetooth remote, the buttons were so flat, I couldn’t press them with my head, and it was hard to do even with a chopstick. My message to Alfort is to ask is to ask that future versions are released with better buttons and at least an extension to stick to a table, because in the end, I had to send it back.

So for this reason, I will rate the Alfort Extendable Selfie Stick with Wireless Bluetooth Remote ⭐️.


Hey guys! First of all, sorry for not updating in forever. There’s still a few problems with the set up of the iRig Mic, and while I think I’ve got some stuff sorted, there’s still a few things I’m still not quite sure about. So this is only a review of what I think about the iRig mic from experience I have with it, and I will post Part 2 as soon as everything gets sorted.

On another note, on 31st October, I’m thinking of posting about how I edit, so if you like the accessible vibe of this blog, please comment if you would like that on Technology Reviews on Facebook, contacting @Phoebslyle on Twitter, or commenting below.

The Review

The iRig Mic Lav is a clip on microphone by IK Multimedia, and which can be used on iOS and Android. What makes it different to other versions is that it lets you plug in to iRigs to a single device, which you can also attach your headphones to. To switch between headphones and recording, you can switch the control between a labelled headphone unit, and a microphone setting.

You will need to order extra parts if you’re using it on iPhone X, and the same with the iPad Pro 11 inch. If you’re getting the iRig new, you will also have to register it.

What is my Experience with iRig Mic Lav / What are the Problems I’m Having?

I tried using the iRig Mic during a one-day Podcasting workshop I went to, and through that experience, I found it both accessible, and very good at capturing sound. However, setting it up at home has proven very difficult, mostly because I haven’t found any in-depth guides on how to make it work on iPhone X or the 11-inch iPad Pro. This is something I think IK Multimedia should fix in future with their setup guides.

Although it would be unfair to give the iRig Mic Lav my full judgement now, at the minute _ thinking of my experience with it and how hard it’s proving to set up _ I will give it ***.

iRig Mic Lav: Lavalier Microphone for Mobile Devices Unboxing

The iRig Mic Lav is a clip on microphone for mobile devices, and which can be used on iOS and Android devices. It has High-quality omni-directional condenser capsule, can connect to your headphones, allows connection of two iRig Mic Lavs to a single device, and includes a foam pop shield _ and works with many apps such as iRig Recorder, EZ Voice and VocaLive, among others.

The iRig Mic Lav is designed by IK Multimedia, and is best suited for musicians or anyone working in podcasting.

The iRig Mic comes in a white box, with the company name and logo and product name and pictures, and other details about the microphone around it. On the sides you get a list of what all it comes with and what apps it will work with, with some more information about it on the back.

Inside, you get a black box with all the information _ including where to register your mic _ and with the iRig Mic in a small bag inside it.

Everything you’ll need to clip it to yourself is included, but I’ll explain the set up tomorrow when I post the review.


The iRig Mic Lav can be bought on Amazon for around £35.

Anker Wireless Charger Review

The Anker Wireless Charger is a wireless charger designed by Anker, and which can be bought on Amazon.

It works with most wirelessly-charged phones _ including all iPhones after the 8 Plus, Samsungs and more.

In the box you get a PowerWave 7.5 stand, a 6ft PowerLine Micro USB cable, a welcome guide, 18 month warranty and friendly customer service. A Quick Charge wall charger is required but not included, and it doesn’t come with an AC Adapter as well.

The Anker Wireless Charger is case friendly, and is built with technology that charges right through your cases, but this might be different with 3D cases, which you would need to take off. It also supports something called Flip It _ which allows you to watch movies or tv shows while charging.

It is quick to charge, but this can be a lot slower if you are playing a game while charging. Saying that, it does still charge at its normal speed if all you’re doing while waiting for your phone to charge is watching something. And you will need to turn your phone round if you need to use Face ID.

The Anker Wireless Charger supports phone cases and let’s you watch videos in landscape while it’s charging your phone. It can be bought on for around £26.

I bought this charger so I could have the entire feeling of owning an iPhone X, and one that is accessible to me. It makes moving around on my phone just as easy as I find it normally, and with a long stylus, I can reach up with no struggles. The only bit of criticism I’d give is that the surface (under and over) seems slippery, and sometimes I have to put heavy things behind it to stop it from sliding when I tap it, and move it back when it goes too far to the side. I also have to take the phone off the stand to do Face ID, so my question to Anker on how they could fix this is: would it be possible to include buttons on the front to help control how much of a tilt you have? But overall, I’m not disappointed.

The Anker Wireless charger can be bought on Amazon for around £26, and is available in Black and White.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️