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Logitech G Xbox Adaptive Gaming Kit Review

What’s up TR fans and welcome back for another blog here on Technology Reviews! I’ve been taking a break from this for a while so I can concentrate on applying for jobs and writing my book, and for this reason, I’ve planned to only update roughly every two weeks, although updates will still be coming! But now, let’s get into […]

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Disability History Month Blog 6 and Final 2020: Disability Representation in Video Games and Other Areas

What’s up TR Fans and welcome back for Blog 6 and the Final of my Disability History Month coverage here on Technology Reviews! So in this blog, I’m going to be looking at disability representation in video games, as well as shedding a wee bit of light on how we’re represented in other areas of the media and in the […]

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Nintendo is another of the big technology giants, which owns some of the biggest video game characters and consoles. In 2017, they launched the Nintendo Switch _ a hybrid console that can be used as a stationary and portable device. Coming with a Switch console; left and right joy cons; joy con wrist straps; the joy con grip; the Nintendo […]

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PDP One Handed Joystick Review

The PDP One Handed Joystick is a joystick developed by Performance Designed Products (PDP) and for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It has buttons at the side which are programmed to work as AB and XY controls, but which, like the Adaptive Controller, can be reprogrammed. The box that the PDP One Handed Joystick comes in has a green top, with a picture of the one handed joystick in front, and some more information in the corner. On the side, it tells you a bit more about it, and like other products, there’s the same information in other languages on the back. A picture of the joystick itself is included on another side as well. Inside, you’ll see the Joystick itself […]

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Xbox Adaptive Controller Review

The Xbox Adaptive Controller was announced by Xbox in May 2018, and is made and designed solely for people with physical disabilities who have limited mobility and motor functions. Upon its release, Microsoft said it would give people easier access to the games they love, and had worked with charities such as AbleGamers and Special Effect to help make it […]

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Xbox One S Minecraft Edition Review

The Xbox One S Minecraft Edition is a games console released by Microsoft through their Xbox brand, alongside Mojang who owns Minecraft. Coming with a 1TB Hard Drive, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, HDR Gaming and Video services, and the ability to play backwards compatible Xbox 360 games _ the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition is suitable for ages 7+, but includes fear and partial violence, with the degree depending on what games you play. What Does the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition Come With? The Xbox One S Minecraft Edition comes in a box with the Minecraft game, rating and organisation information on the front and back, with information about what all you get in it on the side. Inside, […]