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Top 5 Most Non-Accessible Games on Apple Arcade

While some of the games are accessible enough for people with physical disabilities, there are still ones which are non-accessible. In this blog I will give a list of 5 games available for download on Apple Arcade which are not accessible. No 5: Marble It Up: Mayhem Marble It Up: Mayhem is a multiplayer game by The Marble Collection, and […]

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The Top 5 Most Accessible Games on Apple Arcade

Hi guys and welcome back for another review! Sorry I didn’t update last week or last night _ I was suffering from the Winter bug and last night just wasn’t going to plan. But I will be updating again tomorrow, and all the videos for last few weeks will be uploaded as soon as possible. So as promised, this post […]

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The Top 6 Most Accessible Games on iPhone X

Gaming is multi-platform, and is popular with all kinds of people no matter where you are! So in this blog I will be looking at what I think are the 6 most accessible games available for download on the iPhone X. These games can also be downloaded on other phones and tablets. No 6: Minion Rush Minion Rush is a […]