Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit, 6 in 1 Review

The Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit, 6 in 1, is _ as the title suggests _ a lens accessory kit for mobile phones _ and can be bought on Amazon for around £20.

It comes in a box with a photo lens in front and extra writing about how it works with iPhone and tablet _ with more on the back about how to set it up. Inside, you get the 6 camera lenses _ a 12x zoom telephoto lens, 235° fish eye lens, 20X Macrolens and Wide Angle Lens, Starburst lens and CPL Lens _ a holder for your phone, a tripod, and a case to carry it in (which also contains a carrier pocket).

Each camera lens allows you to get a different angle or effect with your photos: the Telephoto one delivering superior quality, the wide angle one working great with group photos, the Macro lens capturing amazing close-ups, the Fisheye being able to create funny circular pictures, and with the Starburst Lens being able to add a dramatic star flare to very bright area, and the CPL lens eliminating reflected light and creating beautiful colour.

It is compatible with the iPhone 5-x and Samsung LG-S6, but might also work with most other smartphones and tablets.

I bought this so I would be able to get more interesting photos, instead of just using the camera on my phone without a lens _ though depending on the mood of what kind of photo I want, it works fine. The camera lenses are easy to connect, reposition, and take off, and I practiced the fish eye lens by taking photos of my cat (Which can be seen Twitter: @Phoebslyle). My only bit of criticism is I’m not too sure how secure the tripod is, but all the camera lenses are brilliant.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Published by Phoebs Lyle (Breathe On UK)

23 year old HND Broadcast Journalism graduate and disability advocate from Northern Ireland, interested in politics, technology, and how it can become accessible to everyone, fantasy, and other stuff.

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